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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 1, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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right now on msnbc sunday, inside the chelsea clinton wedding, the first pictures of the couple and reaction from the president and secretary of state. the clock is ticking. lindsay lohan can be spun from jail at any time. is she getting off easy? new worries on the wiki leaks. are they ready to release more documents? we have more from the top military officer. more scary sightings. one beach closed after a shark swims on shore and another shut down because of a great white. good morning and welcome to msnbc sunday where it's 10:00 a.m. here on the east coast and new concern about the military secrets leaked by wiki leaks. the chairman said the scope and volume of the leaks is so vast that the government is still working to get a handle on exactly what information is out there. >> in a fight like this, they
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don't do this for a living don't understand what the potential is for something like this in terms of the kinds of information and a piece of information may seem innocent in and of itself, but being able to net it together, there is potential that it could have a bigger impact than is evident on the face of a piece of information. >> mike viquiera at the white house for us. good morning to you, mike. let's get the reaction to all of this. >> you saw there saying that the fears that they can net this information together even though it's old and may seem innocent, what they can look at is the tactics employed over the course of the war and the last several months after the president plussed up the american president so significantly, the troops are still filing into that country. people can look at this as
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people fighting against the united states and the enemies are al fid forces in afghanistan. hints that they may be able to anticipate to do battle to the country. david grugry pushed mullen about a previous leak suspected in this massive leak and there is concern on the part of the administration and more do you means to be leaked in the future. they asked about that investigation and here's the exchange he had with admiral mullen. >> anybody in the national security apparatus has to take full cog sense of their responsibility. i wouldn't go into the details of this case, but again, i will let the investigation run its course and we will see where it goes. >> we heard the admiral say a
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couple of days ago that the wiki leaks and the potential for costing us lives is substantial. the thought online here after the immediate threat to afghan civilians named in the document or u.s. forces is what about the future of the war? what does this leak say about the future of the war and pakistan's koofgz with us? many reports that pakistan is playing both sides of the street and the war is headed in the right direction and pakistan is on our side and he did acknowledge that there were times when they do have contact with the taliban. a complicate and a dangerous situation and a lot of concern here in washington. >> absolutely, over a bunch of issues. mike viquiera, thanks very much. you can catch the entire interview when "meet the press" reairs. we have new details on three
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american hikers detailed in iran. they will stand trial on charges of spying. we are in london with more. good morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: the foreign ministry confirmed that the two men and one woman hikers will all be tried for espionage, activities counter to iran's counter security. they will be facing trial and civility punishment. a spokesman said they should stand trial on illegally crossing the borders and changes to be considered. this is confirmation of that. let me remind you of who they are. two of them are in their late 20s and one is 31. they are on a hiking trip in the region of northern iraq. they strayed into iran. iran is insisting otherwise.
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they have done nothing wrong and should be freed. the iranian president had proposed swapping the three of them for iranians that he said are jailed in the u.s. they are hearing that they will not be that prison swap, alex. >> do we have any idea how they have been and how they are feeling and faring? >> actually their furthers visited in may, but they were only allowed brief visited. they evaporate heard from them or about them since. the iranian officials have not allowed the lawyers to see them either. swiss diplomats say while they met with them before the visit from the mothers, they have not been allowed back in again. the families are worried because two of the three had health problems. >> thank you very much from london. pakistani officials say rescue
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workers are struggling to save more than 27,000 people still trapped by massive flooding. monsoon rains swept through, killing more than 900 people and it's heavily damaged roads, bridges and kmoun occasions networks. the death toll reached over 1100 and pakistan deployed third,000 troops to aid in the rescue. >> new concerns about the amount of disburse ants to break up the oil in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard waved a federal directive limiting bp's use of chemical disburse ants. the coast guard approved 74 waivers over a 48-day period after the restrictions were impos imposed. crews continue to work from the bottom to permanently seal up the busted well. they plan to start on the so-called step as early as tomorrow. that involves pumping mud and possibly cement to the temporary
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cap. >> good news from southern california. firefighters are closing in on a fire north of los angeles. at one point more than 2,000 homes and businesses in palmdale were evacuated because of the fire. that fire is 82% contained and no longer threatening any structures. new york begins to return to normal an chelsea clinton's high society wedding last night. shortly after the ceremony, the parents of the bride showed appreciation saying on behalf of the newlyweds, we want to give thanks to the people for welcoming us and for everyone for their well-wishes on this special day. courtney has been there over the festivities. with a good morning to you, what is it like for you on the morning after? >> for the first time since i arrived i am seeing what the town is actually like. that is to say there hundreds of
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people on every street corner here behind me. like you read from the clintons, they did thank the people and they were so gracious. everyone here in the town was completely overrun over the last 48 hours by media and people wanting to be a part of this exciting frenzy. they were all really, really sweet and well wishing and they were talking so much about how chelsea and marc and the clintons wanted it to be private. it was very private, even though you had so many people participating in any way they could. whether it was wearing masks or putting signs up in the storefronts. i think it was the best of both worlds. >> we have gift giving from the clintons, right? they were generous reaching out to folks. >> they were. the locals who were really put out of their way by this wedding, people on the traffic route to the wedding where roads had to be closed, the clintons
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gave them a bottle of wine from the clinton vineyards which is right up the road. in exchange, we got to see a few photos at least of the bride and groom. they had an absolutely beautiful evening last night and you can tell from the pictures bill and hillary look elated as well. >> did you have a sense that this was an economic stimulus for the town and jumping up of prices because they knew people would pay? >> when you are used to manhattan prices for things, if they jumped up the prices at all, i don't think it was by much. i spoke to a lot of people who owned the stores here and own restaurants, definitely the restaurants did benefit from this. especially the ones without door eating, they wanted to get a view. i spoke to stores and they said their business was down slightly. nobody was wanting to be inside and shopping.
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they wanted to be part of the action. >> i understand that. always where the action is. thanks so much and we will check in again with you. >> park city, arizona is flooded after heavy rains caused a flood. in phoenix, the water rushed into homes. more rain could cause problems, but conditions should dry out. for the forecast, let's go to eric fisher. good morning. >> good morning. hi, everybody. we have a few spots across the country. moving through the upper midwest, but also in the southwest. we have seen plenty of rain over the week or two. coming up from the south here and outside of phoenix picking up the heavier downpours and start to pick up. localized flood suggest definitely in the cards. if you are on vacation in the outer banks taking in the sunshine, showers are along the coast and push off towards the east and you will get clearing and cooler temperatures there as
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well. the carolinas in virginia have been hot. one place that remains hot, the deep south. heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. biloxi and northern mississippi into the action. all of louisiana and arkansas as well. it will be over 100 degrees. the heat indeces 105 to 115. not a lot of relief. a long streak of 90 degrees plus days. you will be over the century mark for the next three. memphis in that area down in new orleans. you add to the humidity with dew points in the mid 70s. it will be sticky. drink plenty of water if you will be outside. take it easy for sure. in the northeast, beautiful conditions for one more day with rain arriving later on tonight. alex? >> good advice to all those in the pink. take it easy there. appreciate it. she ohm completed 12 of 90 days of her sentence, but
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lindsay lohan may be walking out of jail. a judge found her in violation of her probation. the actress is expected to be released because of prison overcrowding. she will have 24-hours to check into a 90-day rehab program. new fares about wiki leaks. did they have help? fish out of water, literally. crazy shark turns up on a new jersey beach. the story coming up for you. from the beaches to the tanning beds. more people looking for the summer glow. for some it's an addiction. we will look at the problem and look at snook i. you will know what i'm saying. ♪
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one day after a popular beach was closed because of a great white sighting, there is another sighting on the jersey
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shore. monica de la cruz has all of the frightening details. how many have there been? >> there have been at least three now pertaining to sharks. whether it was a sighting or a brush with a creature, this was yesterday as families played in the water. they swam all the way up on to the shore. crazy, right? right up on to the shore. amazing video and officials have since closed this beach and this is jersey shore, the actual beach at sea side park. scientists have been saying there have been more than usual because of how warm the water has been. >> right? i cannot believe the guy who took this video. >> absolutely incredible. look how close he is. the kids are clapping hands and screaming. the kids in the background.
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this is jersey shore. let me show you other video off the coast of california. another surfer had a brush with a shark. talk about scary. this is capitola near san francisco and santa cruz. we were talking about cape cod and scientists have been able to tag the 10-foot great white off the coast there. the irony here is even though they have been asking the people to stay out of the water, they are drawing more people out on the beach with binoculars. it has been a bit of a problem. there have been three incidence of shark sightings. just so you know, the last fatal shark attack was back in 2008. the northeast hasn't seen since 1936. we are talking about the cape cod area in chatham.
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they are having trouble keeping people out of the water. if somebody told me there was a great white in the water, i'm running in the opposite direction. >> i hear that. democrats hitting the campaign trail may have to answer questions about a scandal in washington. maxine waters is investigating with her dealings with a bank her husband had ties to. they helped secure 12 billion in bailout funds. her husband once sat on the board. the ethics panel will reportedly say if her actions was wrong-doing. 13 ethics charges against charles rangle who solicited donations as well as hiding income and assets and failing to papay taxes. he denies those charges. i am joined by the associate editor with the hill newspaper. good morning.
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how much do you think they could hurt the democrats in november? do you think they draw broad conclusions from one or two individual cases like these? >> i don't think they could draw broad conclusions on one case. now that we have two, this is troubling for the democrats. it becomes a real talking point for republicans. as you know, congressman rangle was the chairman of one of the most powerful positions. his party gave him that job and kept him in for quite a while as the ethics questions arose. he stepped down and maxine waters is third in line to be the chairman of the house financial services committee. these are senior positions of leadership in the mem kratic majority and these are serious players and they have a lot of influence. they know the rules of the game and the fact that we're looking
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at two potential trials for eggics charges is going to be an issue. two is louter than one and the democrat vote is taking on a lot of water. >> let's start with the president's perspective. he revealed his take on the rangle scandal this weekend. listen to this. >> these allegations are troubling. he's somebody at the end of his career, 80 years old. i'm sure that what we wants is to be able to end his career with dignity and my hope is that that happens. >> at the end of his career, hopes he can end his career. how did you interpret the president's remarks? >> he did say he will end his career with dignity. charlie rangle is headed towards a trial in the ethics committee in september. he has a primary he may or may not win for reelection.
10:21 am
we origin he would probably continue to easily win his harlem seat and be reelected in november, but unless he resigns, he is under investigation by the department of justice. this is not going to end well. the legacy of charlie rangle is ending all of these changes brought against him and the punishment they will bring. i think the president obviously is saying what a lot of democrats are feeling. they would like charlie rangle to resign. i found the statements bold and i was surprised president obama said that. he came out and laid it on the line. a lot of democrats stopped short of calling for rangle's resignation because they witnessed in the last 10 days such defiance and a combative tone from mr. rangle. they don't think it will do any good. president obama's comments reflect the sentiment of many democrats. >> thanks for that. more next hour. the trouble with twitter.
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an estimated two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer a year. why then is tanning on the rise? some people claiming to have a tanning addiction. here to explain all of this, good morning. >> the biggest misconception is you think tanning is healthy, think again. the only thing a tan shows is skin damage. some think if people tan even though they know it's bad for them, they think maybe tanning could be an addiction. >> tanning beds and reflector blank ets and roasting in the son. debra has done it all. >> i am addict and i like the glow. >> getting the glow for 25 years led to wrinkles and having a mole removed. >> you don't want to lock like
10:26 am
raw hide or the skin gets damaged. >> nelly is a recovering tanning addict. it's no joke. the archive is researching seeing almost every day in her long island office. >> if you are invited to a party, you might say i can't make it or i will be late and you have to get your fix and go in the tanning box. >> the doctor had an intervention with the saints of tanning, the cast of the jersey shore. >> one of my patients is not alive anymore. i want to you get it in your head. she died from this. >> she died from tanning? >> from tanning beds. >> that patient was addicted to tanning. a mole turned into malignant melanoma. >> how does it kill you? >> the sad part about melanoma it has t has a propensity to spread. >> the doctor keeps the photos handy because she sees more and
10:27 am
more skin damage in her patients. a study showed risk of skin cancer jumps 75% when people regularly use tanning beds before the age of 30. >> there is nothing healthy about a tanning booth other than it's healthy for the iome of the tanning booth owners. >> we asked the indoor tanning association about the addiction and they said studies are showing benefits from vitamin d produced naturally by your body when exposed to ultraviolet light. we recommend tanning in moderation. they don't show it leads to an addiction, but suggests some people with addictive tendencies may tan more than they should. just to give you an idea of how much people like to tan, the indoor tanning industry is now a multibillion dollar business. >> wow. is there any way to tan safely? >> three things. you can use the creams and the towels which are like towelette
10:28 am
or spray on tanning if you want to get spray painted. >> thank you very much for all that. meantime, a golden sight on the waters. this is a yellow lobster pulled from the east passage of narragansett bay that happens in in every 30 million lobsters. a blue lobster is one in every four million. he will be kept on display at the fisherman's co-op here in newport. ♪ keep feeling fascination ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪
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it will with natural instincts. it's clinically proven. 80% of women agreed that natural instincts made their hair feel softer. the ammonia-free antioxidant formula actually protects hair from dryness, leaving it softer and healthier looking. for natural looking color in 10 minutes, get your hands on natural instincts. it's all good. for a rich color experience, try natural instincts 10 rich color creme shades. it's the story of a new month and troops account for about 2/3 of the nato force. they are set to withdraw part of
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their 1600 member force. july was the deadliest month of the nearly 9-year-old war for american troops. >> it's scary. you never know when it's coming. like when we go on patrols and are walking with the pressure plates out here, you can step on it it and it could be your last. you have to accept it. >> live for us in kabul and jim, listening to that soldier say you have to accept the environment in which they are living right now, what happens to the morale of our troops when they hear these milestones like deadliest month last last month was? >> they are aware of these grim milestones and i wanted to come out with breaking news just released. they released these statements about once or twice and sometimes three times a day now. they said if a service member
10:33 am
died following an attack on southern afghanistan. not sure if that was an american or not, but it is usually americans who are dying. yes, they are aware of these grim milestones, 66 killed in july. they are watching it on television and getting cable even in the smallest outposts. even if they are not seeing it on tv, almost every day that flag is flying at half-staff at the fire base or the outpost. what they call blackout comes into effect. all communications are shut down on the bases to prevent soldiers from finding out or calling home or calling others who call the loved ones and next of kin who find out then unofficially rather than officially through the armed services. just about every day we were on that base we came out of two days ago. for the two weeks, about every day it was blackouts. these soldiers could not call out and use the internet and
10:34 am
that affected morale. they live day to day and their morale changes depending on whether they have a good day or not. they are very much into the mission. that doesn't seem to have affected them. they know why they are there and they have been warned long before they got here what it would be like. it would be a tough fight as the summer offensive unfolded. they say they are eager and want to get into the fight. they are waiting for the order to sweep across these areas of southern afghanistan and clear out the taliban. those orders have not come down. >> jim, when they come back to the barracks and there is an empty bed that was occupied the day before, how long does it stay with them? >> it stays with them. this is the most difficult thing. losing a buddy is as tough as it gets.
10:35 am
one sergeant told me, a sergeant told me a few days ago, i asked him how do you cope with all of these casualties. you had 75 in your unit. he said we get through it because the bonding that happens in the good times gets us through the bad times. no question when that bed is empty, it's a bad time. >> thanks so much. back here in the stayeds, a deadly accident with an amtrak train that hit a car, killing the driver. none of the passengers was injured. the amtrak train was going from boston to newport news and happened at the city of noernlg. they had no gates. >> key numbers on jobs and housing. new numbers on new construction. judge june construction fell to a record low. on friday the labor department will release the monthly
10:36 am
unemployment report. the national rate was 9.5% in june. this after a week we got with a key indicator showing it is growing at a sluggish 2.4%. joining me now is peter coy. good morning. we want to start with the report on economic growth. less than congress had expected. what is your take? i want to make sure you had your microphone on. >> alan greenspan, the former federal reserve chairman was on "meet the press" this morning and said we are not only having slow recovery, but a pause in the recovery. he called it a quasi-recession. he was asked might we have a double dip recession and he said yes. if housing prices fall, we could go into a double dip. the recovery we are having is completely unacceptable and something's got to change. we have to get the growth rate
10:37 am
up. the unemployment rate is already as we said, 9.5. we are expecting that the new numbers will be like 9.6%. >> peter, do you get a sense that it is the housing sector of our economy that is the only thing that can prevent us from having a double dip? is it that that has to get stronger? >> it's that and the consumer needs to come on strong. business spending has been not too bad and certainly the government has been spending a lot. the problem is that the government spending is starting to dial back now that the stimulus is running out of steam. businesses have spent heavily, but may start dialling back if they don't see the spending coming along. yet why would consumers spend if they are out of work. it's a chicken and egg problem and doesn't look like it will be solved any time quickly. >> even just talk of a double dip recession is damaging, isn't
10:38 am
it? it's like the stock market that really plays on people's emotions a lot of the time. >> that's true. confidence is enormously important. the conference board numbers were down into territory that is consistent with a recession in the july report. as you said, here we are talking about this. people could say hey, our work is contributing to the problem and yet you can't ignore it either. we are in a jam here. >> we are trying to see the best of the situation. when it comes to the housing market, experts say it bottomed out. no place for it to go but up. what do you think we need to see in terms of numbers to say it will had the back in the right direction? >> the problem is that if prices are right now, people still feel housing is not affordable. it could be that lower prices
10:39 am
are causing some problems and putting homeowners deeper under water in mortgages would help by inducing more people to come into the market and decide we are at a bottom. >> what about a jobless report? >> again, looking for the census bureau hiring for the census coming off, a lot of those people losing jobs and another out right dip in employment and the unemployment rate ticking up again. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a new report suggests travel is on the decline. according to sky, 24% less are opting out of vacations to the u.s. not just because of the oil spill in the gulf. senior travel editor for travelocity, good morning to you. super popular time to travel and tourism is down. got reasons behind that? >> you mentioned the oil spill and the perceptions that are not
10:40 am
always correct. maybe some people stay away. airfares are about 20% and can keep people closer to home. maybe the ash cloud earlier this year can have people, especially those who are watching closely from europe a little bit shy about taking an overseas flight. a few things going on, but mostly higher flight prices and people wanting to save money. >> orlando, florida has seen a decline of 2%. why is that? >> orlando is super popular. the first or second most popular for americans. extremely popular for international visitors too. there is a ton of business with international traveler and of course with harry potter opening. people all over the world love it. >> how about traveling to america's beaches. a lost americans are boycotting the southern beaches because they are concerned about the oil
10:41 am
spill. that's not necessarily the case. >> even in the gulf, the beaches are absolutely beautiful and open for business. they are looking for business. florida alone has 825 miles of coastline. travelocity did a poll about the perceptions. 1 in four people said there is oil in the florida keys. there is no oil. do your research. they have a page about info with up to date to make an informed decision. >> you talk about air travel going up in price. even low cost airlines like spirit, all the nickel and diming, they are charging for a carry on bag! >> it's frustrating for a lot of passengers. you have to shop around for the lowest airfare to offset the costs. fly on tuesday, wednesday, and saturday. they are the cheapest days to fly and plan as far in advance as you can. airlines are flying very, very full and a lot of competition. plan at least two week fist not
10:42 am
further ahead. >> i talked to the ceo and he said we are the lowest. if we add on a little bit, they are still lower. >> you have to shop around and know what the costs are so you know what the total price will be. >> good advice as always. check out the biggest guest at a wedding in beverly hills. the groom rode inno this 8800 pound asian elephant. more than 400 guests marched and danced on the way to the big event. that's something.
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10:45 am
. the defense department is trying to track down people whose lives may be in danger
10:46 am
with the wikileaks. the u.s. is duty-bound to protect them. >> the taliban spokesman has come out and said they are looking at the names. that's evidence of what that potential is. >> the afghans? >> there afghan names that are listed in the do you means and specifically the taliban spokesman said they will look at that. i think people that aren't -- >> they can be killed some. >> exactly. >> we talked to the general and he joins me now. with a good morning to you, you heard what the chairman joint chief said. there afghans who will be or have been killed as a result of the association in helping out the united states. >> when this first came out, i thought it was a near certainty that what we would is see is two things. we would place at jeopardy human life. people have been cooperating with us and acting as informants and taliban leaders who want to
10:47 am
defect to the other side. we cut down the amount of intelligence we can get. people would no longer trust us. the taliban would see how we are collecting so this has done us significant damage. >> first and foremost, what can the pentagon do to protect these informants? >> i think one of the things i have to do and it sounds like resistance, we are have to look at who has access to this. there was some push back saying come on, we can't restrict the flow to people who need it. we apparently had a private at brigade level able to download 260,000 diplomatic cables. we had to rethink the widespread access on the secret net from across the globe. this thing is out of control obviously. >> you said that will meet with
10:48 am
resistance. from whom and why? >> we used to have behind the green door. intelligence was kept away from everyone except for those who w a violet need to know. we opened it up so at the level in combat, the intelligence officer works the raw data themselves. we have to rethink it. clearly there is no requirement in an infantry to have access to global diplomatic cables from the state department. that's ridiculous. we have to clamp down in some way. >> as always, a pleasure. thank you so much. >> the tweeting resumed. the blogging site twitter was out of commission for the 100 million people who use it. the company took down the site for previously scheduled maintenance. people are cutting back on all kinds of expenses and should health care also be on the chopping block? a new report show insured
10:49 am
americans are using fewer services than a year ago. unemployment and high deductible plans are to blame as americans are tightening their wallets. joining us now from the rainbow babies children's hospital, good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> what are do you see as being the most concerning fallout and if this trend continues, do we expect lower health care costs? that would be a good thing, but what about health overall? >> health care costs lowering would be a good thing and if that happens, people need to electric at insurers and think the premiums need to come down too. if people are not using it as much, we should renegotiate premiums on health care costs, but i'm concerned that if people are seeing physicians less and not getting prescriptions filled, that's a great concern. that means that people may be
10:50 am
going without. it sounds like maybe it's not a lot of money, but if it's a $15 copay to see your physician and a $10 copay for your physician, that's $25. that may be $25 that you want to use fors your electric bill or school supplies for kids or whatever people find the most pressing need at the time. your health is really the most pressing thing that you have. >> absolutely. they say if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. that makes sense. this report shows that every medical sector is taking a hit. patient visits and drug prescriptions. procedures are down at hospitals and lab testing as well. even the elective procedures are all dropping in the number of procedures that are done. did the medical industry foresee this coming? >> this always happens in a recession. the question is, how long will it last and how deep is the
10:51 am
recession going to go? when jobs come back and we hope this they will, more people will go to work and they will have insurance. these things will come back up. this happened in 2003 and a way that looks very much like it does right now. >> let's hope better things for the future on so many fronts. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> it's a slow speed chase. a pursuit that was bizarre by any standard. coming up in the next hour. stick around for it. s. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta... ...the routan, and the cc. that cc is gorgeous. that jetta is awesome. my wife loves her new routan. and they all come with that carefree maintenance. scheduled maintenance included. we're not shopping for cars here, people. c'mon! well, i am now. that's kind of exciting. [ male announcer ] right now, get 0% apr on 2010 models, excluding tdi. or get a great price on a certified pre-owned volkswagen.
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the fda approved the vaccine for the upcoming thru season. they will start producing all those shots and experts are producing three different strains including the h1n1 virus. you only need one to be protected against all three. new numbers suggest the economy is slowing. folks are looking to spend less
10:55 am
when it comes to household expenses and many times your cable and cell phone bills are the first to go, but there is a way to lower them possibly. both of those bills without cutting them out completely. personal finance expert will tell us how. i will flip over the script and take notes. i will save you $100 right now. first of all, you have to be a good customer. a long standing customer, you had business for a long time and you pay your bills on time. you have to be pleasant and happy and sweet when you call. you get more of a discount with honey. you have to know what the competition is charging. bill and lower my and research what everyone is charging. promotions are everywhere. you have to know what everyone is paying. that gives ammunition when you ask them to lower your bill. >> this extends to the cell phone bill? >> knowing how you use your
10:56 am
phone. there separate fees for texting. if you don't text, why should you have the fee? make sure you have this bill in front of you to make a lot of international calls. let me negotiate it down. go over it and if you don't get who is willing to budge, ask for customer retention. they are there to spend time with you on the phone and make sure you don't go to the competition. that's your trump card is saying i'm going to leave. >> here's the deal. you can leave when it comes to your cell phone. there is all sorts of providers and calling soliciting. when it comes to the cable bill, in mine there is one. >> i will tell you about one. my bill is way too high. i said i will call them up and ask them to lower them. what promotions do you have. don't say i will cancel hbo and they are going to say okay. instead say what offers can you
10:57 am
give to me? they may throw in free hbo or show time and bring down your rate, especially if you haven't called in years or months. >> what's in it for them? >> keeping you. it costs more to find new customers than to give you an extra $20 bucks off and keep you. i had a friend call up every three months and got $10 off every time they called. >> seriously, i'm taking notes. >> thank you. >> chelsea clinton gets married. great pictures to show there.
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